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Service Call: Was told $300.00 for the Power Supply Upgrade Kit RV when he came out to fix NOW $400.00 and he COULD NOT show original receipt (that I need) for stating it was costing $400. He stated they raised prices. I asked him three/four times for that product receipt and he could not find it and blew me off.

This is BAD practice to extremely OVERCHARGE (Highest-$286) a consumer and not give them receipt for that product replacement (warranty) and I am sure Wyoming has a practicing law against this type of deception. Taking advantage of Consumers!

I have been told that this company ripped off customers before. Don't let this happen to you! AMAZING what comes out when Confronted: Told me; what he did to the extra money (up charge of 100% and pocketed it!

Review about: Overcharges.



Here in Florida 325.00 for a 60 amp power supply 80.00 service call 40.00 to R & R unit 445.00 + tax You Got A pretty good Deal Any invoice with the Date it was installed and by whom is warranty proof.

to Lazyways #821961

Hey Lazyways.It depends on where on is located on prices.

Deception: Was COST.He took advantage of the situation like he has in the past with clients.


Amazing V/M I received after the writings. Now THIS IS CO-Owner... Goes to show; how Intelligent this individual is?

To me; just shows that this company IS NOT COOTH! (Her IGNORANCE is showing!) :x Take Advantage of People when they can!

Denise. This is (name) and I am co owner of R. V. Bob's Mobile Repair Service and what you are doing you a little "B..TCH" is really really *** us off. So Number 1 You need to take back all this ***. Nobody in right Fu**king mind is going to tell you what they pay for something and that receipt that you have already that is good enough for warranty we've dealt with warranty people for the last 25 "Fu**king" years so you need to get off your real high horse and stop this "Sh*t" now

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